LWHS 2024 Top 10

The air around Longwood High School's 2024 senior class is filled with excitement, and for a good reason! Scholarship letters for the senior class have practically taken over the third floor, showcasing the major achievements of the soon to be graduating class.

With a 94% college acceptance rate, and 87% securing scholarships,
this class has soared past all expectations. In support of the classes’ outstanding success is Senior Seminar Teacher, Tabby Jackson, whose visionary goal-setting and support propelled the students to unprecedented heights.

 “My aim was to set the bar sky-high for our students, igniting their determination to reach a substantial collective goal,” shared Ms. Jackson. 

Jackson transformed the third floor into a wall of fame adorned with scholarship letters, a visual testament to the students' hard work and dedication. Her mission is to ensure every student is aware of their options and empowered to minimize college-related debt. The senior class has earned $68,233,769 in scholarships.

Jackson's influence extends beyond the senior class. She passionately urges underclassmen to recognize that they, too, are architects of their futures, laying the groundwork for their own success.

Reflecting on her role, Jackson humbly shares, “It wasn't about what I did for them. I simply provided the tools, and they were able to execute and reach their goals themselves! It's truly inspiring to witness these students take charge of their dreams and accomplish greatness on their own terms.”

The CICS Longwood senior class are breaking records and inspiring future classes. Their incredible accomplishments were also featured on WGN9 news, when they met in the school’s auditorium for College Decision Day! The auditorium filled with cheers and applause, as the senior class proudly announced their selected college destination for the fall of 2024.

As we celebrate the accomplishments of Longwood 2024 senior class, we invite you to hear directly from the students themselves. Here's some words of wisdom from the the Top Scholarship Earners:

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