The Continuum

Why choose a K-12 model?

The concept of a continuum of K-12 schools situated on a single campus offers many benefits for students and families alike. In this model, each phase of a student's academic journey is seamlessly integrated, from kindergarten through high school graduation. This approach fosters a supportive and nurturing environment, catering to the specific developmental needs of students at different stages of their educational growth.

  1. CICS Loomis (K-2): Catering to the youngest learners, CICS Loomis lays the foundation for academic success. By introducing core concepts and cultivating essential social skills, students gain a solid footing for their subsequent years.

  2. CICS Longwood Elementary (3-8): This elementary-middle school phase takes the torch from the primary level, nurturing students' cognitive and interpersonal skills as they transition into adolescence. A seamless connection to the high school campus encourages a sense of continuity, minimizing disruptions and enhancing the overall educational experience.

  3. CICS Longwood High School (9-12): Culminating the continuum, CICS Longwood High School provides a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum, tailored to the needs of maturing minds. Students benefit from the familiarity of their campus and community environment, enabling them to focus more on their studies and extracurricular pursuits.

The community's profound investment in this educational continuum is evident throughout each student's academic journey. Families are deeply engaged from the earliest years, forming enduring connections with the school community and fostering a sense of belonging. As students progress from one stage to the next, they build upon existing relationships with educators, peers, and mentors, enhancing their emotional well-being and academic performance.

The physical proximity of these schools on a single campus facilitates collaboration and resource-sharing among educators. This collaborative environment fosters a holistic approach to education, enabling teachers to align teaching strategies and support services seamlessly. As a result, students receive consistent, personalized guidance and a cohesive educational experience.

Student on Continuum

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