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CICS Longwood High School

Longwood High School provides students with the necessary tools and skills needed to develop superior levels of achievement. We strive for academic, social and physical excellence by providing a quality and challenging curriculum. We promote positive moral and social values, foster an atmosphere of self-discipline in a safe learning environment, and maximize individual productivity to meet the needs of a changing global society. CICS Longwood students will be able to maximize their potential for successfully actualizing their goals with confidence and intrinsic motivation, thereby enabling each student to become a lifelong learner and strong functional contributor to their local community as well as their global community.


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Dr. Maria Freeman | Mentor Principal of CICS Longwood High School 

Dr. Freeman has been a dedicated member of our community and an educational practice leader for many years. Dr. Freeman earned her doctorate in Administration and Educational Leadership from the University of St. Francis, and has served as an Academy Director, Instructional Leader, Culture and Climate Specialist, and Assistant Principal prior to taking on the role of High School Principal of CICS Loomis-Longwood. She has consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to the success of our students and our school, increasing our school ratings and implementing research-based interventions and strong professional development. Her leadership has been instrumental in creating a positive and supportive learning environment for all of our students, and we are fortunate to have her continue in this role.

We are confident that with Dr. Freeman’s continued leadership, our school will continue to thrive and provide our students with an exceptional education.

Dr. Jeralyn Harris | Assistant Principal of CICS Longwood High School

Dr. Harris has been part of our Longwood community as a master teacher and has many years of educational leadership and instructional experiences. We are grateful for her excitement in this role and for her strong leadership into the future.